Your first

I wish I wasn't your first that you gave a piece of your heart to
I wish all the mistakes had already been made and you had learned what not to do

I wish I wasn't the one that you hurt and broke
I wish I wasn't the one that you emotionally did choke

I wish I didn't have the sad memories as opposed to the light
I wish I wasn't blamed for all of our fights

I wish you never threw me away
And made me feel like dirty water, circling the drain

I wish you never deleted me from your life
Causing more pain and hurt like stabbing me with a knife

I wish you never gave me back my gifts
They were my gentle touches to you, just like my kiss

I wish I knew what the right thing was to say
It was never delivered well and even my voice had to change

I wish you had let me penetrate your core
So that I could understand you more

I wish I didn't have to start over
And try to find the rare four leafed clover

You were mine and I was yours
But I was never right

4 thoughts on “Your first

  1. I really like this!! I think we all experience this to some extent. A broken lover is a hard one to love and coexist with.

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    1. Thank you! Yes it’s hard, we all make mistakes and have room to grow but how much of yourself can you give?

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      1. The truth is there is a limit to how much of ourselves we can give. If you’re sacrificing your well-being, dignity, inner peace or integrity for it, then it’s time to go lol.

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      2. Ahhh inner peace, the head, the heart, the gut!

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